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Fundamentum’s Transformative Approach

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Our mission is to transform college graduates into protagonists so that they can achieve their career dreams. Using Fundamentum’s approach, job seekers develop a mindset, process, and knowledge that changes their career trajectory.


MINDSET: How do Fundamentum job seekers approach their search?


Be Visionary


Be Reflective


Be Persistent


Be Bold


KNOWLEDGE: What do Fundamentum job seekers need to know?


Self Awareness

Who they are, what they want, and what type of company and work environment would be the best fit


Concepts and Best Practices

The power behind networking, behavioral interviews, personal brand, and other under-utilized job search techniques


Employer Perspective

What employers are looking for to demonstrate passion and facilitate hiring


Applicable Skills

How to generate effective professional documents including LinkedIn profile, resume, and cover letter


PROCESS: How do job seekers transform their job search?



Chart of fundamentum job search process














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