Organize Your Job Search in 15 Minutes

Hints to save time and keep focused while finding a job.

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Now that you’re about to graduate college, or have already graduated, it’s time to start your job search. You’re not sure where to begin, so you just dive in, looking at job posting sites like and Simply Hired. The possibilities are endless, it seems at first. You apply to many things in one big burst, but after that, it’s slow going. Maybe you find a part-time job just to get a little spending money or are volunteering somewhere, but this takes time away from applying to full-time positions. Some days you apply to a bunch of jobs, some that aren’t quite what you want, some that are at companies you know little about, because those are the positions available the night you looked at postings. Some weeks you apply to nothing at all.


A successful job search requires you to be methodical. Applying without a strategy or without employing time-saving methods will leave you frustrated.


Whether you’re just starting your job search or have been on the hunt for a bit, here are three tips on how to organize your job search in 15 minutes.


1. Score Job Points With Weekly Goals: How many people did you contact this week? How many jobs did you apply to? Set a goal for how many people you can realistically handle reaching out to and how many jobs you can apply to in a week. This will keep you motivated and give you positive feedback about your job search, instead of getting down about the perceived lack of opportunities or overwhelmed by the fact you haven’t landed a job yet.


2. Save Time With “Save As…”: Save your resume in many different formats (.doc, .pdf, .txt) and make sure the styling looks good in each of them. Some employers only accept Word documents. Others use online, standardized submission forms that require you to paste a plain text version. Instead of getting a bit exasperated in the moment about having to rearrange your resume each time you apply to a job, take a few minutes to rearrange and save all the formats before applying to anything.


3. Bookmark Where You Left Off: Rather than having to remember to check LinkedIn or a company’s site each day to see if there are new job postings, bookmark the job listing pages. Subscribe to these pages through email notifications directly from the site or through RSS. New job postings will be sent directly to your email daily or weekly, so you can easily keep on top of which ones you want to apply to, or you can easily manually check the sites by going to your bookmarks folder.


These tips will save you time and energy, as well as making your job search manageable. Should you begin to lose your way during your job search, refer back to your list of weekly goals. Tweak them if necessary. Bookmark new pages as you come across them and unsubscribe from ones that haven’t been helpful. Keep things simple and task-oriented, and never lose sight of the progress you’re making.


Written by Ashley McDonnell

Posted by Team Fundamentum