How Your Netflix Habit May Help You Find Your Dream Job

Knowing who you are will help you figure out who you should be.

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When you were a young child, you probably had fanciful dreams of what you wanted to be when you grew up, influenced by your favorite book or cartoon. You imagined yourself as an astronaut, or a pro dog walker, or maybe even a superhero. As you grew older, trying to figure out who you were and how the world worked, you changed. Even after college, maybe you still haven’t figured out what you want to be.


But surely you now know who you are, after twenty-something years of life. You probably have at least one defining quirk that your friends exclaim, “that’s so you!” when they see it played out by a character in a movie. Perhaps you think these little details about your personality are too petty, or maybe you believe your overzealous enthusiasm about topics that make your friends yawn is a weakness. But we assure you that such niche passions are exactly what many companies want.


The stories we consume in those Netflix marathons tell us over and over again to follow our dreams, while also constructing characters around clichéd personas. Here are three such personas, along with a list of fitting and fun careers for each:


Competitive Charlie


Are you like Barney from How I Met Your Mother, who exclaims “Challenge accepted!” after people make innocuous comments vaguely insinuating a playful challenge? Have some of your friendships been ruined because of your ruthless Monopoly playing? Competition is at the heart of business, but here are some jobs that capitalize on that need-to-win mentality:


Recruiter: For people who not only want to be the best, but also want to make sure they work with the best.
Realtor: Find the perfect home for your clients before another snatches it off the market. Channel your inner Phil Dunphy from Modern Family (who staunchly faces off against his arch-nemesis, Gil Thorpe.)
Inside Sales: Make a sale by establishing a meaningful relationship with the customer. Make more sales than others in your company. Make the most sales!



Social Justice Superhero


Okay, so you can’t be Batman (you obviously don’t have enough money to purchase all his fancy gadgets), but you can help ensure that justice will prevail. If you volunteer at a homeless shelter or write long messages on Facebook defending the little guy, you should look into these jobs:


Healthcare Consultant: Because even though you’re not a caring and compassionate doctor on Grey’s Anatomy, you know that everyone deserves access to the best healthcare for an affordable price. Look into the ever-growing list of healthcare start-ups, like Simplee or PracticeFusion.
Education Outreach: Many companies need someone to teach people how to use their product or service, and explain how it will benefit them. Help people help themselves.
Programs Assistant (Nonprofit): When volunteering just isn’t enough, you can join a non-profit full-time.



Customer Service Crusader


Numerous characters in True Blood, working their retail and restaurant jobs, might think you’re an annoying customer, but you just expect some respect and class from employees. Rather than treating customer satisfaction surveys as junk, you fill them out with fervor. Help companies put a smile on their customer’s faces:


Account Executive: Sell your company’s product while guaranteeing no less than 100% customer satisfaction.
Internal Communications: Why would customers be satisfied when a company’s own employees aren’t? Make sure everyone’s on the same super page on an internal communications team.
Customer Service Rep to Community Manager: The customer may not always be right, but their grievances always need to be addressed. Build a bridge between the company and the customer as a community manager.



Even if we didn’t list your personality tick (sorry, Grammar Tyrants), hopefully you can see how there are many possibilities out there for you. Skeptical of how fun we made everything sound? Set up informational interviews with your college’s alumni that currently work in careers that pique your interest to see what it’s really like and how they got started.



Written by Ashley McDonnell

Posted by Team Fundamentum