How to Salvage a Bad Interview With Your Dream Company

With Tips from FirstJob

Desk with notecard and pen in hand

So – you’ve taken the time to really prepare for your job search. You know yourself and what you want.


And then you find it. The perfect company and the perfect job! You work your way into the company when all of a sudden it seems to all fall apart. You get told that you aren’t the right person for the position you applied for.


The good people at FirstJob have some sage advice:


“The angst of a failed interview with the company you’ve always dreamed of working with is nothing like the hopelessness of thinking it may be your last shot with them. Luckily, this type of negative thinking is far from the truth. You may actually still be an ideal candidate for that company, just not that particular fresh grad job.”

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Remember – just because you weren’t the best candidate for a specific position at a company doesn’t mean that you they don’t like you or that you aren’t a terrific fit for other positions at that company. In fact – when they let you know that you didn’t get the job, be sure to write back and let them know how passionate you are about the company and ask what other positions might be a good fit for you!


Posted by Team Fundamentum