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Corinna Banda  University: The George Washington University Major: International Affairs, Global Public Health Current Job: Production Coordinator

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Personal Brand: Transforming people into protagonists

Favorite thing about coaching: The moment a client does something that scares them -- reaching out to a contact on LinkedIn, going to a networking event -- and they realize that they know what to do because we’ve discussed it and developed a strategy. Removing their fear empowers them to keep taking risks and find the best path for them!

First Job: I was an intramural referee for flag football while a student at the University of Texas at Austin. Students take their football seriously there, and I learned a lot about making tough judgment calls and being confident in my decisions.


Personal Brand: Making ideas into products 

Favorite thing about coaching: I love when our clients start getting momentum in their job search. That spark when they start reaching out to other people and getting positive responses is magic.

Best question to ask in an interview: I was in an interview where I felt like I had aced it. At the end, I asked “Is there anything stopping you from wanting to hire me?” I was floored when the interviewer told me that there was! Luckily, it was an issue that was easy to put his mind at ease about and I got the offer. It’s now my go-to question in any interview.